Home & Office Delivery


We'll come right to your door, pick up your clothing and housewares and drop them off like new again!                                    



Carpet & Tile Cleaning


Tweeds carpet and tile-cleaning experts will keep your floors spotless and fresh. Our surface cleaning team is available to visit your home anytime.   


Garment Restoration


Were your clothing or housewares damaged in a fire, flood or other disaster? Tweeds professionally cleans and restores your damaged fabrics. Fill out your insurance claim form here.


Welcome to Tweeds Dry Cleaning


Let the dry cleaners come to you with Tweeds Dry Cleaning convenient home delivery service!

We come right to your home, pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you perfectly pressed and ready to wear.

At Tweeds Dry Cleaning, we do more than traditional laundering and cleaning: we pride ourselves on bringing the fabrics in your life - shirts, suits, blouses, drapes, rugs - back to life. Like New Again. Every time.